Is there a place for transportation and logistics companies in the digital age? As 3D printing popularity grows, will there still be a need for sending goods to and fro? The transportation and logistics industry is ripe for digital disruption. Vehicular telematics, driverless cars and 3D printing are among the technologies which will fundamentally change the way we send, receive and manage manufactured goods.

Car sharing applications and other technologies such as vehicular telematics and easy-to-fly drones have raised the bar for transportation and logistics companies. Customers expect offers to be tailored to their needs and budget. The transportation and logistics sector is ripe for digital transformation and new entrants, from IT startups to retail multinationals, are ready to compete for customers.

Transportation and logistic companies can use digital technologies to monitor their fleet and improve their assets allocation. They can also use digital technologies to perfect their onboarding experience, offering their customers the comforts of online booking, package tracking and other third-party services. The sector is ripe for digital disruption and transportation and logistics companies should also consider cross-over moves into other industries.

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