Telecommunications is the most dynamic and competitive sector in which New Frontier Group operates. Telecoms comply to tough, often outdated legal standards and face cutthroat competition from other telecoms, startups and multinational IT companies. Only by expanding services and meeting the growing expectations of customers can operators withstand the revenue stagnation in telecommunications.

Older IT systems and legacy infrastructures continue to limit the performance of telecoms. The increased competition from over-the-top (OTT) companies such as Google and Skype and the loss of customer loyalty are among the biggest challenges in telecommunications. Also not to be dismissed are the growing risks of network congestion due the extensive use of rich data services.

The tides of digital transformation rose first to the shores of telecommunications. The fierce competition among telecom providers, Start-ups and multinational IT companies lead to an industry-wide process reengineering and benefitted end users the most. Now, consumers enjoy a great mix of cable TV, mobile phone and internet services for low prices. To withstand revenue stagnation, players in telecommunications need to inspire trust and offer rich branded digital services for both end users and back-end partners.

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