Overseeing the whole business process within one system and providing superior service to the customers is not a competitive advantage anymore, but the baseline for a successful business. In a highly competitive industry where the customer loyalty is gold, the excellence of the product is not enough anymore. The real differentiator is the list of attached services and the efficiency how the customer is handled.

Heavy equipment machinery is affected by numerous changes in the recent decades. The falling era of mining and the decreasing momentum of the market growth in Asia poses greater competition to an industry that has more competitors than ever. The ability to reacting fast, economically handling the resources and operating various business models are more crucial than ever.

In the new era of heavy machinery, the machine vendor will be able to track the geo-position of each and every machine, track the presence and efficiency of their employees and follow all their operations – let it be machine rental or procurement processes; just to name a few – within one system. Did we mention the opportunity to have the whole package as out of the box? Solved. 

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