We are digital literates. We live in smart cities. We value transparency and wish for more interaction with our federal and local governments. Actors in the public sector need to prepare themselves for digital disruption. It is necessary to update legal frameworks, address concerns about cybersecurity and privacy and continue to expand digital connectivity and e-government services.

The federal and local governments are facing increasingly difficult challenges. Besides building a country and a city infrastructure and providing basic public services such as healthcare, educational and environmental protection, civil servants have to please an ever more heterogeneous majority. Adapting public services to the digital age is of the utmost importance and urgency.

Governments are using digital technologies to circulate information, improve public services, increase awareness about local and federal policies and to promote transparency and citizen engagement. By implementing mobile friendly, one-stop-shops for heterogeneous services, governments are paving the way for a greater society change. We can expect the public sector to use big data analytics to predict crises and timely react to the changing demands of citizens.

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