Employee Engagement Solutions



To empower and engage employees, a company must find ways to bridge the gap between technical and human resources, connecting their workers with up-to-date sources and relevant knowledge. The employee engagement solutions developed by New Frontier Group combine gamification, social media websites and unique content portals to unlock the talent of your employees and help you to create an organizational culture that values agile responses and flexibility.



The easier access to critical information leads to increased productivity and smoother collaboration across company departments. Our employee engagement solutions boost knowledge and workforce management, ensuring the implementation of best practices for recruitment, performance control and compensation plans.


Business Value

Engaged and motivated teams are passionate about the success of the organization for which they work. Encourage a culture of excellence, open communication and innovation by employing the employee engagement solutions developed by New Frontier Group. Our tools empower employees to achieve the most ambitious business goals.



SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle Collaboration Suite, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and Sun-JAVA Enterprise System are among New Frontier Group’s partners for solutions in employee engagement.

How can your company improve team interaction and knowledge sharing? BrainPower, a New Frontier Group’s collaboration tool, offers you and your company a secure social network and promotes an unhindered flow of information.

New Frontier Group is a leading provider of IT solutions for people and workforce management. We deploy leading edge human resources (HR) and performance management solutions from SAP and other top international vendors.

Our solutions and services include:

  • SAP SuccessFactors modules for:
    • Recruiting and on-boarding,
    • Career development and talent management,
    • Succession management,
    • Goal and performance management,
    • Variable compensation management.
  • Business process consulting,
  • Systems integration,
  • Services implementations following standard methodologies (e.g. AGILE),
  • Systems configuration services,
  • Custom development,
  • Technical support.
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