WAGAmarket enables you to manage your consumers’ desires and make them tangible. We make sure you don’t lose contact- from start to finish!

  • Pre-Sales activities: Launch, target, optimize, and track your promotional activities to generate quality leads.
  • Online Marketplace: Take your business online, expand your portfolio with 3rd party services and integrate with your existing CRM and finance systems.
  • Post-Sales customer care: Make customers satisfied. Increase sales with bundling, cross- and upsale activities. Build up customer loyalty programs and schemes.

WagaMarket is a cloud service brokerage that creates an important future revenue stream. The solution expands the product portfolio and services of our clients beyond their core offerings and gives them the opportunity to grow their client base faster. WagaMarket is specifically designed to minimize the scope of required integration while giving full control over process and information flows.

  • Huge and comprehensive catalogue of products and services
  • 3rd party services complement the core business catalogue
  • Services configured in the catalogue are enabled for provisioning, billing, and incident management

WagaMarket is being developed in line with mainstream trends in web/SaaS community and can be provided as a hosted solution—where we take responsibility for the deployment and operation of the solution - or a standard on-premise solution.

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