Considering that Montenegro has to harmonize it's legislation with the European Union legislation, and that there are demands from companies and citizens regarding better quality of services in legislative information field, the Law on Regulations and Other Acts Publication obliged Public Institution Montenegro Official Gazette to enable electronic publication of the Official Gazette, to create its own database, and to become the bearer of legislative information system of Montenegro and one of its main service providers.

„Saga had helped us fulfill one of the most important tasks that a need for modern, high-quality and successful business practice has put in front of us. With help from Saga's experts we were able to implement the electronic document management system and enable electronic publishing of official gazettes. The solution that Saga based on modern document management systems turned out to highquality, very reliable, clear and easy to use. Besides that, our business process is now complete, its sequentialization was avoided, and we are very satisfied that interaction between the employees and the system is improved. This new step reflects on the quality of our services as well. They are now closer, cheaper and more accessible to the citizens, entrepreneurs and government institutions. During all phases of this project we were met with understanding from Saga's experts, and sometimes we were amazed by their enthusiasm while they tried to find better and more suitable solutions. At the same time, Saga's representatives helped us in presenting the system to the general public, updating old databases, entering and editing data, and in training our employees for working with the installed solution.“

mr Mihailo Zecevic,
Editor, Montenegro Official Gazette

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According to the Law on Regulations and Other Acts Publication, this Public Institution publishes: “Montenegro Official Gazette”, “Montenegro Official Gazette – International Contracts”, and “Montenegro Official Gazette – Municipal Regulation”. All three publications are printed and published in electronic form.

After analyzing Official Gazette's business processes, four phases were defined: acts reception, text entry, text editing, and electronic issue creation. Publishing the Official Gazette online raised demand for new hardware and software, as well as installation services and document management system setup. It was also necessary to develop the web application that makes it possible for website visitors to search the publications. After Saga's engineers completed the installation, hardware configuration and networking, the second step included operating systems installation, virtualization and implementing the document management system. The third step was to connect web application and DMS.

IBM FileNet solution that includes two modules was used: content management module (to control the content – current version, changes, checks and document status) and business process management module (enables defining and executing all business processes that go on while Montenegro Official Gazette is created). When an act is received, it is registered. During its import, registration number must be entered as one of the mandatory attributes. The other document attributes are data used to find the document and link it to a certain item.

During all prepress phases (editing and proofreading), the document stays in electronic form. The process is automated and in any given time it is known which version is valid, who authorized it and who was the last to edit it. Tagging system gives information about the documents status, so there are no workflow delays. After the proofreading, documents are sent to the Editor in Chief and converted into a searchable PDF, which is available only to registered members. In the last step the document images are generated, and published online, which raises the document protection level, because unregistered users cannot copy the text. All previous document versions are chronologically preserved, and in any time all actions, changes and comments can be seen, as well as names of the users that participated in that process. Before any publishing takes place, Montenegro Official Gazette must be signed with electronic signature by the Gazette's Editor. By introducing the regulation registration numbers, which are unique to each act, complete traceability of all legal acts is provided – every act is linked to the legislation that regulates it. In that way a legislative tree can be generated, with the Constitution on top. Signed final version of the document is published on the website. Search is available to the site's visitors and it is easy to enter search keyword to find needed information.

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Introducing the document management system provides complete business processes automation and content tracking. In that way working with paper documentation is eliminated and there is no risk of losing or damaging the original document. The system preserves all document versions during the workflow so the process is transparent and can be tracked back. Besides that, it is always exactly known who is currently using the document and who changed which version. This system improves productivity and reduces time needed to finish the job. And the most important thing is that in any moment business process status is known, as well as the current document version being prepared for printing.

Better business processes security – publishing the wrong document version is completely ruled out. The DMS itself protects the documents on several levels, so the content is protected from unauthorized deleting or editing.




Document Management System for Montenegro Official Gazette. Accessing the documents through the internet portal.





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Governmental Institution


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Montenegro Official Gazette enables legal and economic development, it is a legal and information communication agent between legislative, executive and judicial power, as the state, companies and citizens are the users of legal norms and information.

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