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Who is driving over there?

Vienna, March 17, Friday 18:30 – we just finished the board meeting discussing how successfully our companies are renewing a customer base and it was good meeting. I used my Personal Assistant software (PA) in the break of the meeting to schedule a pick up service and to order what we need for the weekend.  I am using PA software developed by no-brain company and I am satisfied with level of understanding and personalization as well as how it integrates with different apps. As it is Friday the PA proposed to use pick up service from online retailer today – they offer a prosecco and nice music during a drive. The PA recommended that online retailer loads in the car what we need for the weekend according to the standard order list and to pick up my suit from the dry cleaning service before coming to pick me up in front of the office. I just confirmed it. Other days PA would order pick up service from Uber if I am in hurry or from local telecom if I need to work during the drive as they offer, beside good connection, useful set of tools for searching, collecting and analyzing data for articles or presentations and the tool to make the presentation from my template or even the design tool that makes cool presentations without the template.

Nice and quite the autonomous electrical car was waiting for me at the entrance and all of the goods were nicely packed inside. As I approached the car door opened reacting to the security card in my mobile phone and I stepped in. Big screen in the car connected to my system and the PA reminded me that next week is the birthday of my sister so I gave instructions to prepare a list for tomorrow of the top tree options (based on already stored criteria in my personal profile) for her and her husband to spend a nice weekend in Rome and tomorrow I will decide which one PA will buy as the present for my sister.

Car, without driver, was moving without a sound and I used couple of more minutes to work with the PA. The PA warned me that my wife is not at home and that would be good to increase heating, what I confirmed. I received on side the message that all other appliances and devices at home are working properly. PA helped me to review messages and organize some reminders and meetings for the next week before I started relaxing with a glass of cold prosecco in my hand.

I was thinking how the society changed – because of self driven cars number of personally owned cars reduced dramatically, that influenced car, financial and insurance industry, as well as retail and so many other industries. Number of accidents was reduced dramatically (influence on police, health and insurance again). Amazon, Uber, car2go, telcos, retail and transportation companies own and manage private transportation service industry. Main criteria to choose a service for many clients are software applications to manage autonomous cars and additional services.

People realized that sharing is better than owning and many things went up side down. Even moral norms changed and owning industrial goods instead of using shared services are seen as negative thing because of pollution, unnecessary production, low usage rate. One of the good examples are drills – in the past every household owned one or two regardless that average usage was 11 minutes per year. Today you just borrow one and a pick up service will deliver it to your door. The sharing economy is booming.

The personalization reached the next level – I looked at my smart phone: On the screen it is just my personal interface instead of many apps that were used before (but functionality of all apps are in the background – invisible). And, of course, it is controlled by my PA.

In the car I was sitting in nice seat in the back and everything around me is arranged as I like: color (it is actually projection on side of the car), screens, light, music, connection to my system and even prosecco is a bit overcooled for normal standards as I liked it this way.

Question: when this story can happen? March 17, Friday 18:30 but which year? 

If you are predicting that this story will become the reality in the near future next question to you is what do you have to do today and in next years and how you have to change and organize your business in order to be the part of this future?

Please assess how business will change: who will own cars and if it will be more or less cars on the roads? How will that influence parking places, garages, roads, insurance companies, police, health care, hospitals, police and whole society. Are autonomous cars and drones going to enable fast delivery of everything?

Is our economy going into direction of shared economy and how to adjust to it?

Branislav Vujovic

Branislav Vujovic

President New Frontier Group
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Branislav Vujovic is founder and also president of New Frontier Group and has overall responsibility for the New Frontier Group, with special focus on Innovation, M&A strategy, group strategy and investor relationship.

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