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Car2Go gets the world going

How digital changed the way we move

Why buy a car if you can use your mobile phone to rent and share a 2-seater Smart? Car2go is now running in 22 cities in six countries

We live in an age of rapidly changing business models triggered off by digital technologies that are radically changing our communications, our organizational capabilities, and our mobility. Old products that were vulnerable are disappearing and turning up again as virtual services; or they are reverting as files or as parts of streams. Some enterprises have blazed the trail well in that they have, for instance, approached one stage of it all. Selling music, not CDs. Not disposing of cars at any price but understanding mobility as a service.

That's what the Daimler group has recently been doing with its hybrid consisting of car sharing and a car-rental business under the Car2go brand. With Car2go, when customers want to get from A to B quickly within a city, they rent a 2-seater Smart. Spontaneously. Without having to fetch the vehicle from somewhere miles away and then having to get it back there. A glance at the Smartphone app is enough: Ah, the next Smart is parked just over there! The car can be reserved online right away. Daimler's Business Innovation department came up with the Car2go idea back in 2007. Sales of cars were stagnating owing to the impending financial crisis. The resourceful vehicle manufacturers resolved the sales slowdown in an unusual way. They put their money on the social trend towards using things instead of owning them, to accessing them instead of having them exclusively. The idea escalated rapidly from the trial operation that took place in the German city of Ulm. Today Car2go Smarts are running about in 22 cities in six countries.

The search for the missing link is pervading all business sectors and industries and both established companies and startups; the search is truly on for the vision or a master plan for directing development from the industrial to the digital business model.

Branislav Vujovic

Branislav Vujovic

President New Frontier Group
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Branislav Vujovic is founder and also president of New Frontier Group and has overall responsibility for the New Frontier Group, with special focus on Innovation, M&A strategy, group strategy and investor relationship.

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