Published: 19. 10. 2016 in News and events

MS Sinergija 16 Conference

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Saga was a golden sponsor of the most influential IT conference in the region dedicated to information and communication technologies.

Sinergija 16 was held in the Crowne Plaza hotel in Belgrade in the period from 17 to 19 October, under the slogan "Integrated Destination". The Conference hosted business people, representatives of the public and private sectors as well as a large number of programmers and IT experts from Serbia and neighboring countries.

The Conference was opened by Željko Vujinović, General Manager of Microsoft Serbia and Montenegro, who stressed out that the digital transformation is not the future, but a process that is already changing the world around us. In accordance with the main theme of the Conference - digital revolution and its growing impact on all aspects of the business, Sinerija16 saw business-oriented lectures and discussions being emphasized more than ever. In this context, Saga as a pioneer of digital transformation in Serbia and a gold sponsor of the Conference, had an interesting lecture on the subject. 

The presentation titled "The Second Part of the Chessboard" was held by Miloš Savić, Business Development Manager at Saga. He underlined the parallel between the amount of information that today is growing exponentially and the legend of the wise man who invented this ancient game. To remind you, as a reward from the king, he asked for the sought payment in wheat in a way to put one grain on the first field, on the second twice as much and so on until the 64th field. The problem of the second half of the chessboard is that from this part the necessary number of grains increases exponentially, so it eventually comes to a huge number with 20 digits.

The analogy to wheat at the present time is information. The amount of information that has been generated in only last two years is higher than in the entire previous history of mankind. In addition to the quantity, the value of information is rising as well, because today knowledge represents the most important resource. Also, the acceptance of new technologies is dramatically accelerating. Only a hundred years ago, reaching a certain number of technology users was measured in decades, and today in days and even hours. For today's generations who were born in the digital age, digital transformation is an evolutionary step that they accept without thinking of it and as something completely normal. In this sense, companies must adapt to them and offer their services in a friendly and receptive way, because this is the only way they can win them over for themselves.

In addition to presentations, Saga had its own booth at the Expo part of the Conference, where the visitors could familiarize themselves with Microsoft technologies we implement to our clients. 

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