Published: 25. 10. 2016 in News and events

Digital Strategy part of Executive Program in BLED Business School - New Frontier Group holding the lessons

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Branislav Vujovic, president of the New Frontier Group will be professor on training course for managers named „Digital Business Model: New opportunities for creating value for customers“. 

This two day’s session shall support mid to top managers in facing roles to understand the digital transformation in today’s business and core values of the digital economy. It shall help to create business value with digital processes and the power of an extended digital ecosystem and the transformation of these single areas into a digital business model.

Training objectives are overall understanding of digital opportunity, digital revolution and framework for evaluation of company’s digital readiness and growth areas. Mr. Vujovic will talk about value of digital processes for top and bottom line growth and where to focus, insight about how an extend ecosystem can improve business, customer reach and the creation of new portfolios, as well as creation of company’s digital business model for sustainability and growth. He will also talk about the key assets in digital economy, importance and value of information, and what are the best ways for adaptation to the new market environment.

The course will be held in Bled School of Management in March or April 2017 (the exact date is still unknown).

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