Published: 29. 3. 2018 in News and events

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NFG Digital Banking Survey 2017 identified Automation and digitalization of the key processes, and Open banking platform development as key value drivers in the future. Bankers are aware of the threats resulting from the digitalization and opening of the banking industry, however many also look at these developments as on opportunity for banks to engage in new roles and create value in new ways.

Do you know that automation of key processes is seen as one of the main elements of digital ready bank?

Do you know that digital branch is seen as the business model with the highest value? Benefits of this business model combine cost savings resulting form automation and improved customer experience due to immediate accessibility and fulfillment of needs.

According to this survey automated omni channel customer experience will be a must have for digital ready banks however, only less than 21% stated that their omni channel experience is at least sufficient.

Answers to many other questions related to digital banking you can find in NFG Digital Banking report 2017. If you want to download full report, please click on this link

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