Published: 18. 5. 2017 in News and events

Business Breakfast with CEOs

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PwC Serbia together with New Frontier Group hosted a business event -Business Breakfast with CEOs of premier companies in Serbia.

The event was held on Wednesday, 17 May in Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel and attended by CEOs and representatives of the financial services, the telecommunication and the retail & consumer sectors.

Companies operating in different industries recognize the need to reinvent themselves in order to build and maintain trust, and retain the status of relevant service providers in the digital age. Serbian business leaders also agree that traditional products, services and business models need remodelling to suit customer needs and expectations for the future - Digital transformation of the business, which will enable companies to constantly deliver quality customer experience, will be key.

In response to the need to go digital, the aim of the event was to introduce PwC and New Frontier cooperation in the area of digital transformation, share ideas and experience, and discuss digital opportunities within the Serbian business community.

Leaders of PwC and NFG responded to two key questions: Why digitalisation and how to implement it?

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