New Frontier Group is a leader in the area of digital transformation with over 150 digital experts working with our clients throughout their digital transformation journey. We have created the Digital Transformation Consulting unit to provide seamless end-to-end support to help our clients to accelerate their digital transformation and quickly realize financial upsides. 

New Frontier Group sees four key steps that describe the digital transformation journey focusing on rapid prototyping and implementation of digital initiatives.

  • Assessment and Strategy: Defining digital strategy and development of digital actions and initiatives to be undertaken
  • Detailing and Execution: Detailing of digital initiatives to be pursued and program management of digital action plan. Design of digital solutions and business models to be implemented. Detailing of underlying organization and processes as well as technology strategy,
  • Rapid Prototyping: Testing digital solutions and business models through prototype cycles
  • Rapid Implementation: Implementing innovative digital solutions and business models

New Frontier Group employs a proven framework of digital opportunity areas of digital transformation across industries: 

  • Customer Engagement: Addressing and engaging with all customer groups
  • Ecosystem Network Engagement: Engaging with different partners. Building-out ecosystem network
  • Employee Engagement: Driving internal communication and collaboration
  • Automation & Efficiency: Employing digital across operations and supply chain. Leveraging big data, and internet of things (IOT) opportunities
  • Smart Content and Products: Creating and offering smart products and content.

Instead of using technology as a starting point for improving or building up mobile, social, big-data, and cloud (also commonly called SMAC) capabilities, it is critical to pursue a holistic approach and develop a digital strategy that complements and extends the enterprise’s overall strategy.

We have proven two workshop fornats to help our clients rapidly and pragmatically develop or check their digital strategy:

  • Digital Best Practice Models Workshop: Review of digital best practice models and case studies from New Frontier Group’s proprietary database. Derive potential application of digital best practice models at our clients. Develop and prioritize first digital initiatives list.
  • Digital Strategy Workshop: Review of our clients overall business strategy in the context of digital. Workshop to identify digital opportunities along different digital strategy areas such as customer engagement, employee engagement, ecosystem engagement, automation & efficiency and smart products & content. Employ best practice models and case studies from New Frontier Group’s proprietary database to stimulate discussion and discovery. Follow-up detailing of digital strategy and initiatives going forward.

The objective of both approaches is to define a vision for digital as well as a concrete step-by-step action plan o how to achieve success and complete the digital transformation journey … leading to rapid prototyping and implementation of digital solutions and business models and realizing the associated financial upsides in terms of revenues, costs and bottom-line improvements.

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