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What is digital all about?

How to succeed in the digital economy when you are part of the 99.9% and not the elite of Google, Apple, Amazon and Samsung digiratis

​​There are many business books, blogs and forums analyzing and discussing every move of Google, Apple, Amazon, Samsung and many other digiratis. On these books, blogs and forums, readers will find basic principles and ideas on how to become the number one in the digital world or how to score a membership in the exclusive club of digital leaders. All this content is very informative, useful and interesting, but reality is a bit different – Google, Apple, Amazon and Samsung amount for merely 0.01% of the digital world; your enterprise is coming from the other 99,99%.
New Frontier Group, one of the leading IT services company in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) according to Gartner's ranking, has among its customers hundreds of enterprises belonging to the 99.9%. A number of our customers might not be mentioned in many of the buzz places for digital transformation discussion, but they do have a successful story of their own to tell.
That is why we started The Missing Link platform: to share with our customers, our prospective clients and all the other enterprises in the 99.9% questions, problems, solutions, best practices and ideas on how to exploit the digital economy, use it to protect their position on the market and promote growth.
Of course we will follow up and learn from industry leaders, but our focus is on finding the best way for enterprises to start or accelerate their digital transformation and help growth and profit.

We believe that the strategy of any company has to be constantly adjusted and updated by adding and refining the digital aspects. In other words: defining a digital strategy – and that is the second reason why we created The Missing Link platform. 

Even if the necessity for a digital strategy was sparked by the technology revolution, it is first and foremost a business issue and only then it shall be converted into an IT agenda. Every company needs to update its strategy by adding the digital element and defining how the use of new business models and digital means will help it achieve its goals in the next period. Based on a clear digital strategy, companies trace their process of digital transformation – how they will come around it, step-by-step. Digital transformation is the execution part of a company’s digital strategy.
The Missing Link platform is the place where we would like to share all information about the changes happening now, about their impact on our business, about the many opportunities, best practices, results and success stories of our network. It is also the place where we wish to alert yoy about issues and problems in introducing digital into your strategy and driving digital transformation. We would like to help each company to transform, use the digital opportunity and find the Missing Link between where they are today and where they can be tomorrow.

Branislav Vujovic

Branislav Vujovic

President New Frontier Group
Strive to become better

Branislav Vujovic is founder and also president of New Frontier Group and has overall responsibility for the New Frontier Group, with special focus on Innovation, M&A strategy, group strategy and investor relationship.

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