Published: 21. 8. 2015 in Blog by Juliana Rocha

The Millennial's disruption index

Millennials dislike of banks brings threat, but also opportunity to the financial industry. iBanking is a modular internet banking system and can be fully customized to satisfy the needs of your customers — including those of the demanding Millennials. How to please Millennials' expectations regarding money?

All four leading banks are among the 10 most hated brands by Gen Y

Millennials are ripe for disruption: they hate how banks operate and expect them to disappear completely in the next five years. Bad news for those working in the finance industry? Not exactly. Millennials' dislike of banks brings great opportunity for those working in — and outside — of the finance industry.
As 53% of the 10.000 millennials interviewed for the Millennial Disruption Index by Scratch, a division of the mass media conglomerate Viacom Network, see no difference between the institution they use and other banks, one meaningful change will do to get a brand ahead in the field. Our iBanking is plastic enough to accommodate the kind of disruptive innovation the new generation craves.

Infographic credits: Scratch, Viacom Network

As the modular system it is, iBanking can incorporate the changes your team requires and be customized to each one of the account holders. Say interest things to your customers using our integrated tools for CRM and targeted marketing campaigns. Offer different views and allow your customers to decide which cut they prefer: which data to show, where to show it being it a computer, a tablet or a mobile, and when to do so. Offer contactless payment and mobile banking.

Talk to one of our consultants to learn more and begin today to please the most demanding (and now largest) demographic in the world.
Photo credits: Vodaphone Media, Creative Commons 2.0 - Attribution

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